Christmas With A Cop Benefit

December 30, 2016

This is my very first blog entry EVER! Needless to say, I am really excited about this new blog tab I have started. For my first blog, I wanted to tell you all about my very first Benefit Gallery Reading I held December 1, 2016. It was such a huge success!

To begin, I will tell you all HOW I received the idea to help the children of my local community. As many of you know, I talk to the dead. I also speak with my own angels, guides, and God himself. I rarely ask God for guidance, but when I do he usually sends me a very clear message.

I was at the point in my mediumship where I knew that it was my calling. I mean who gets a story in their local newspaper just 6 months after they confess to the world of their secret gift? I was on the right track which is leading me down the right path.

I have already had 2 stories in my local paper, and my readings have taken off but I felt like something was missing. I sat and thought about it, but I just could not figure out what it was that I needed. So, that is when I called out to God asking him what my next move was. He didn't answer me right away, because my communication with God is a tad bit different. Instead, I had to wait until once I fell asleep that night for him to tell me what my next big plan was.

That night as I went to sleep God showed me my vision. I remember I was sitting in a black SUV and 2 men were in uniform next to me. We got out of the car and they escorted me into this big banquette style building. I looked down and "WHAT?!" I was wearing a dress, not my usual attire. It was all happening so fast, I just kept walking with the 2 men. Once we got inside, there were a bunch of people sitting in rows of chairs and there was a microphone at the front of the room. There were also children running up and down the aisles, and there was also a Christmas tree in the corner.  "What is going on?" I kept thinking to myself. Mind you, this was around the beginning of September, so why am I seeing Christmas décor? The 2 men in uniform then walked me over to the microphone, and it was in that moment I knew what I had to do.

When I woke up, I immediately phoned my mom and told her my next big plan. I told her that I would be doing a Gallery Reading to benefit my local “Christmas With A Cop” and that we needed to start planning right away. As some of you know, my mom is a get it done type of person, and for that I am so grateful.

We got the event planned out and everything went into action, I am going to skip through most of the details and move onto the event day. (:

It’s the big day, and boy is my anxiety off the charts. This is my biggest event yet, and I had to try to keep myself together as much as possible. I was able to relax for a little bit at the salon while getting my hair and makeup done. That was one thing I could check off my list from having to do myself. I had to run a last-minute errand to Target to get the maternity dress I had planned on wearing, hoping they would have it and luckily, they did. Yay! I know, I am such a procrastinator.

Now that all my errands and everything had been taken care of, I had to head up to the event center. As I got there, my anxiety went from a 6/7 to a full blown 10. "Just Breathe" is what I kept telling myself. I went in to the dressing room about 20 minutes before it started and holy cow, spirits were EVERYWHERE. I just sat there while my spirit friend, Sam, gave me a little pep talk. Before I knew it, it was time. I had to put my big girl panties and walk out there in front of around 80 people and I was the spotlight. EEK!

As I walked in, the room got VERY quiet. I almost forgot to say “hi” to everyone, haha. But I had spirit taking care of me and once I got started I couldn't stop. YAY SPIRIT!

One of my favorite readings I gave that night was from a firefighter who had passed away in the Murrah Bombing in Oklahoma City. It was just crazy. The room started spinning, and it sounded like a bomb had gone off. Everything felt shaky and I was confused. I couldn't figure out what was going on, I didn't hurt, but I hadn't felt the death yet. I knew it was a mass tragedy, and my first thought was 9/11 but it was a bomb I kept seeing. As the rumbling settled down, the death started to hit me. I couldn't breathe. I felt as if I was struggling to gasp my breath, and I could feel the burning of smoke and debris fill my airway. As I describe all this, the room is just silent. I ask anyone if they understand all this, still silence. Finally one woman raised her hand and told me that it was her brother in law. She explained that he was a firefighter and was going back in to save people. I stopped her from giving more information, as messages were flashing through my mind. 3 kids is what he's talking about. They were all very little, toddlers or babies even. he knows that he left his wife behind with 3 very small children. That was the hardest part for him, but he also is grateful for the man who stepped up and loved his wife and 3 babies as much as he did. He knows they are growing up, and he also knows that his loss still effects his wife as much as it did when it first had happened.

The woman was in awh, and asked if he wanted her to let her sister know. Most definitely without a doubt, I said "Yes". She wiped away her tears, and I stood there in shock, having to process what just came through. It amazes me just as much as it amazes everyone around me.

Yes, some messages come through stronger than others, but every message is unique in it’s own way. Every message is beautiful, and I absolutely love doing this work. God chose me for a reason, and I cherish my gift. I would not have life any differently. Now to the benefit part! (:

In total, I was able to raise $2,245.33 for the Yukon's Christmas With A Cop. I couldn't have been more proud of myself, and thankful for everyone who helped. It was a lot of work putting this together, but the reward was absolutely astounding.

I got to go Christmas shopping with the officers and kids. Seeing the joy on all their little faces just melted my heart. I am so happy to have got to experience that, and I definitely look forward to doing it again next year!

I want to thank all my sponsors, my mom, the event staff, and everyone else who helped me make this happen. You all are loved dearly.

With Light and Love,


Jacqueline Brooke

Jacqueline Harrington