Are You Paying For Their Name OR Their Service?

January 26, 2017

So after guidance from my guides, lots of research, and personal opinion I have found this blog post to be very important to me. My job as a Light Worker is to work for God and all his Angels. I am a messenger for Spirit and I gladly accepted this gift to help others. Yes, I could have turned away and said "no," but like many other mediums I said "yes."  So with that being said, I feel that my duty as a messenger is to bring fourth healing and compassion with my gift while being humble.

As I have decided to start venturing out and looking into more well known mediums and stuff I happened to learn some of the prices of their services. It varied from $400/30 minutes all the way to $5,000/ hour for PRIVATE sessions. A private session means ONE client. As I saw this, my heart broke at first, then a little anger creeped in, but then more heartache. I could not believe the prices I was seeing. To me, this job is about the healing, NOT the money. 

As I researched more, I felt it was important for me to know the average fee for Mediumship services. Which is fair to say it ranges from $185 to $400 for a full hour session.  Now, if you have viewed my Scheduling Tab you will notice that my prices are significantly lower than the average cost. My price preference is based out of personal experience ( I will explain a little later.) I know that my prices will have to increase eventually, as business expenses increase. But I have made myself a promise that I will NEVER charge for my name or exceed a certain price limit. Being humble with my gift is a gift in itself. The reward of helping others is a reward you just simply can not buy.

Now to explain why I charge much less than other Mediums and Psychics. Growing up I always knew I was different, I didn't know how but I just felt it. I grew up attending a catholic school and went to church every Sunday. So understanding my gifts and accepting them was a bit of a challenge. It wasn't until I was 12 when I lost my grandpa and he would talk to me. I would go and tell all my friends, teachers, mom, dad, parents friend, etc... and of course that was frowned upon. I started to reject my gift, as I didn't fully comprehend what I was able to do. But as I got older I always had an interest in psychics and mediums (I didn't know the difference between the two). I started calling around to see what they charge, as I really wanted a reading. I just felt I needed it, I didn't know why but I just knew it was something that could benefit me. I wasn't looking to speak with my Papa, just something I felt I needed personally. When I started hearing prices of $120 plus I instantly wiped that thought out of my head. I was a teenager working a minimum wage job. There was no way I could afford that at the time. Yeah, sure I could have asked my parents for the money.. but how was I going to convince them that I needed that. I'm not a good liar so that was out of the question so I did without.  My journey in accepting my gift was not easy. I have had ups and downs, doubt, and it was a lonely journey. But I am glad I did it on my own, because that's just more experience for me. I actually started out by giving free readings, but you can read about that in my 'New Year, New Me" Blog post.

That is why I charge a lot less for my readings, because I understand. I understand the pain of not being able to afford something you desperately need. I want everyone to be able to receive. I also want everyone to know that this is not a "you get what you pay for" gift. I don't see one medium or psychic as being better than the other. We all have our own ways of connecting, and some spirits connect to other mediums better than others. Like your great grandmother may come through very easily for me, but may not for someone else and vise versa. Every spirit is different.

Now, I do know that my prices will have to increase. But I will make sure they are still affordable. There is a difference between charging an appropriate fee for your services and charging for your name. I hope you all will keep that in mind when searching for a medium or psychic. Also protect yourselves before paying by looking up client reviews. Make sure they have a good reputation.

I feel it is my duty to share this information with you all. I also hope to be a change in the world of more well known mediums and psychics. I hope to encourage them to remember what our gifts are truly about.

With Light & Love,

Jacqueline Brooke

Jacqueline Harrington