Don't Tamper With My Antenna!

Spirit communication is a constant flow of energy, but what happens when that energy isn't flowing like usual? Well it tampers with my connection to spirit. I call it an energy "block". It can be the most frustrating thing, but occasionally it can happen.

So what causes these energy blocks? WELL... most of the time its negative attitude or negative energy around a person. Picture it like this, when I connect to spirit its like listening to a radio. So you have your radio antenna transmitting energy so that you can listen to your music.. but if you put up a wall around the antenna, you get chopped up music mixed with lots of static. Same thing for spirit communication.

 Occasionally I will have a client brought in who just does NOT want to be there and will absolutely not take any consideration for anything I channel. This causes energetic blocks.  It makes my job hard. They create a negativity in the air that sometimes lingers and makes my connection much slower. The energy just does not flow when I have these negative people present in a session.

I always tell my clients that not everyone believes in what I do, so its best to respect the other parties beliefs and just come alone rather than to risk having your session not flow properly.

And yes! There are skeptics who come to my sessions *with an open mind* who have left in awh. I have turned atheists into believers and much more. But if you can not come to a session with an open mind, then seeking out mediumship is probably not for you. You have to be willing to receive. As a medium I can never tell you exactly how a session will go, because I never know what spirit is going to say until I am relaying their messages.

I hope this helps you have a little insight on mediumship!

With much Light & Love,

 Jacqueline Brooke

Jacqueline Harrington