Saint Lucy

Okay, so many of you know that I am Roman Catholic. However, I was not born into the Faith. When I was 4 years old, my family moved to Mustang. There I always attended private schools. I started out at a few little church schools designed for Pre- K through Kindergarten. Well, when first grade started my parents enrolled me into St. John Nepomuk Catholic school. It was here where my Catholic Faith began. 

So attending Mass was a weekly thing in Catholic School. Here I learned a lot about Jesus, Mother Mary, God and so fourth. We had religion class on a daily basis. It was reallly a great foundation, and I plan on sending my children there. So flash forward to my third grade class. Our religion teacher, Mrs. Dyer, was different than our regular teacher. Everyone LOVED Mrs. Dyer. She was always so kind, had the coolest earrings and the coolest shoes! Well in Mrs. Dyers 3rd grade religion class we were all assigned a research paper. We were all assigned a Catholic Saint to research a write about, I was assigned Saint Lucy. Little did I know how this little assignment would change my life. 

So a little background on Saint Lucy. She is the Patron Saint of Eyes. She was born in Syracuse. Her Feast Day (a celebration of a martyrs birth into Heaven) is celebrated on December 13th. So there are a few different stories about how she lost her eyes, but they all have the same reasoning. Lucy was a devout Catholic and desired to live in chastity. She refused hand in marriage to a man who only saw beauty in her eyes and in her refusal she gouged her eyes out and sent them to the man who was going to force her into marriage. Her eyesite was restored to her the next day, so legend says. Her martyrdom, accomplished by the man she rejected, was done with a dagger to her throat. In Catholic Art, she is often presented holding a dish with two eyes on it. She is the Patron Saint of Eyes because of her compassion and the loss of her eyes to standing up for her strong Faith.

Lots of people call upon Saint Lucy to help them with eye trouble and the healing of the soul. It's quite funny how the two go hand in hand, which I will explain later.  

So flash forward to 6th grade. I was going to be Baptised Catholic. Now we take our Faith pretty seriously, so I couldn't just walk in and be Baptised like in some churches. I had to attend a class once a week called RCIC (Right of Christian Initiation for Children.) This was a class that helped me understand my Faith on a much deeper meaning. Now during RCIC we all get to pick out a Patron Saint as our Heavenly Intercessor for our Confirmation into the Faith. And there is a saying in the church that we don't choose our saints, they choose us. Well I chose Saint Lucy. 

Now here is the twist. All during RCIC I had planned to choose Saint Francis of Assisi because I ALWAYS loved him and his connection to animals. I had completely forgotten about Saint Lucy until my RCIC teacher placed that piece of paper in my hand. Instead of writing down Saint Francis, I wrote Down Saint Lucy. I always regretted that decision and I never understood why Saint Lucy had chose me until later in life. 

So flash forward several years to when I am accepting and maturing into my gift. I have learned so much about life and myself from spirit. And the most important thing about my gift is that I learned that I see without my eyes. You see, I don't actually see spirit with my physical eyes. I see within. I see with my soul. Soul language is much different than just regular communication. It's more "complex" but so simple at the same time. Looking within the soul is so important, because in essence that is what we are. We are all souls living a human experience. 

When I talk to spirit, they show me things that appear much like a day dream. I physically feel things, and I feel their emotions. You don't need your eyes to see. Look into the soul, learn to feel. Once I realized how my gift worked, I realized that is exactly why Saint Lucy chose me as I chose her. I needed her to be my Saint because we both don't need eyes to see.  


Jacqueline Harrington