Timtation 69

April 3, 2017

Okay, so some of you are wondering why in the world the title to this blog post is Timtation 69. Well it is sort of a long story about how my journey as a professional Spirit Medium all started.

Exactly one year ago today a man named Tim Spurgin passed away and came to me in hopes of connecting me to his family. Now I didn't understand who this man was, but when I called my mom freaking out telling her that someone she knew died she seemed to point me in the right direction. I explained to her what I was seeing and little details that let her know that it was indeed Tim, that's when she got into contact with Tim's friend Kelly.  She set up for me to talk to Kelly, but little did I know it would be face to face.

Well the day I met Kelly was 1 week after Tim had passed away. My brother had a soccer game that day and so we met in the parking lot of my brothers school. My heart was absolutely racing. I had never given a reading in person and all my emotions were spinning. As I sat their waiting Tim popped in, and he told me to stop stressing because Kelly would get there a minimum of 15 minutes late. He was so excited, and he was ready to tell her how he had been doing. He was making me nervous as I could feel his emotions, but he played it off as if it was just me.

The time is ticking and just like Tim said, Kelly was late! I was scared she wasn't going to show up to be completely honest. But once she sat in my car I instantly felt calm. I told her how Tim told me she would be late and we both laughed. She had such bright blue eyes that Tim told me he adored. He also told me that April was a very hard month for everyone as his wife had passed away in April, among other important dates.

Kelly and I began talking, but as she was talking to me Tim kept cracking sex jokes! I had to interrupt her to ask her why he kept cracking all these innapropriate jokes, to my surprise she instantly started laughing! She told me "that was Tim alright!" He also loved bragging about how good looking he was and how he was a total ladies man. Kelly informed me that Tim's nickname was Timtation. Which is partly why the title of this blog is Timtation 69.

We talked about their relationship and how much they meant to each other as lifelong friends. Tim talked about how much his brother meant to him, his love for both his daughters, and how he would give anything to be able to speak to his family again. But most importantly, Tim told us that he had found peace. He said that he felt no pain and kept showing me how beautiful his face was even after the wreck. He wants everyone to know that he is still here with you and that his death was certainly not his last ride. Each time you start up your bike, Tim is right there with you.

I was fortunate enough to get to join in on the poker run we did in memory of Tim. We all proudly wore those shirts that said #timtation 69. Even though my own personal friendship with Tim has only been in spirit, I was proud to get to be apart of all that. Tim is a great guy with an outstanding personality who loves all aspects of life, and innapropriate jokes! He is still living on, and does not want us to grieve on this day, as it marks the 1 year anniversary of his tragic death. But instead to celebrate his life. Tim has and is still impacting lives everyday, he for sure impacted mine and I am ever grateful for it.

 Oh and he says to have a beer for him!


Jacqueline Harrington