Timothy McVeigh In The Afterlife

Before you read this, I want you to know a couple of things.

  1. Timothy was brought into the session by one of his victims, the deceased mother of my client.
  2. I have permission from my client to publicly share this session in a blog post.
  3. When Timothy stepped forward in the session, I had no idea that he was the person I was speaking too, as I just see and feel things. I saw him, but did not recognize who he was. 
  4. The intentions behind this post are to help bring healing to those effected by Timothy's actions.


My session today started like any other session. I gave my explanation on how I personally channel spirit and how my gift works. The first person coming through was a grandmother who passed away with cancer, expressing how her loved ones walked her through her transition and speaking of her Catholic faith and how her family couldn't bring the Catholic priest to her enough! She was  quite a vibrant soul. She brought forward Mother Theresa who showed me that her daughter, one of the clients present, worked with children. Mother Theresa gave her some encouraging words, explaining that there are many angels that surround people like her, including Mother Theresa herself.

Then Spirit shifted to the woman's niece in front of me. Her mother, my first clients sister, started to come through describing 2 pieces of jewelry in vivid detail. The ring she showed me had multiple diamonds cluttered together and the necklace had blue on it with diamonds around it. These two pieces were very significant to my client and her deceased mother, as my client still holds onto them dearly.

Then her mother started to speak regarding her death, speaking of that she did not blame anyone and that it was just a freak occurrence and that she is not angry with anyone whatsoever. She showed me that she was killed by someone and then she did something that spirit has NEVER done for me before... She brought forward the person who killed her, telling him that it was okay. I choked up.

I said to my client "your mom, and your sister, has brought forward the man who did this. He is willing to speak, and I will allow him too if you are okay with this?"

My clients both said yes, so I started to channel Timothy McVeigh. (Still not even knowing or recognizing who he was.)

"I want to start off by saying that I am sorry for all the unnecessary pain I have caused you and your family. I want you to understand that I was not a normal person, I had severe mental illness and by absolutely no means is that an excuse for what I did. I have no excuse for what I did. I don't expect any normal person to understand why I did what I did, because its not what a normal person would do. When I was still alive, I did not even feel on bit of remorse for what I did. Your family feels as if I got off easy and that justice has not been served. The difference between me then and me now is that I am now capable of feeling. Something that I could not do while living. Now my soul has had to, and is still having to feel every bit of pain and suffering that I caused every single person. My soul is suffering over here because I can feel the pain. And I want you to know that, because it is important for you to know that I did not get off easy.  I now have a conscience. I am so sorry, and I can not take back my actions."  - Timothy's words in Spirit

As Timothy steps back, my clients deceased mother pats him on the back and says "you did so good, thank you for that, Tim."

She proceeds to tell my client that she has forgiven Timothy and that even though her family feels that justice was not "served" for her.. the only justice they needed is knowing that her soul is at peace. She walks beside them in harmony and she has so much love for her family.

As my client was walking out, she stopped and said to me "I want you to know that the person you were channeling, who killed my mother, was Timothy McVeigh."

I could not believe it. I told her that everything he had said made so much sense. Even though I don't personally know a whole lot about him, I felt honored that I was able to bring my client peace and comfort knowing that her mom has found peace and that Timothy has finally found a conscience and is finally sorry for his actions.

Jacqueline Harrington