All Dogs Go To Heaven Too

I know the title says 'dogs' but this blog applies to all animals. 

Disclaimer: I am not a veterinarian. I do not have any professional say in how to provide care for your animals. This blog is not for medical advice. 

So the strangest animal I have had come through in a session was a parrot. The parrot had lived for 25 years and had been bottle fed by my client. Now initially, I am having extreme anxiety because I have a spirit of a bird flying around my room, as I had a bad experience with my neighbors parrot once. Yeah, my neighbors parrot chased me around their house while i was dog sitting.. talk about terrifying. But as any other session, I continued channeling the bird.  It showed me its magnificent colors and how happy it was on the other side. He spoke to me as if he were human. His soul had so much love and gratitude for his former owners. His messages were quite beautiful. 

Some other animals I have channeled have been dogs, cats, hamsters, horses, cows, pigs, etc. Some animals connect to me as their animal form and do not communicate much, others will communicate as the parrot did. Every animal soul is different, just as every human soul. The only difference is that animals have purer souls, even living. Animal souls can communicate through mediums whether they are living or deceased because of this. 

When a living animal communicates to me, they typically tell me things such as health issues they are having that their owner doesn't know about. They also communicate past health issues that still trouble them if their owners think that they are no longer effected by said issue. Some will even communicate that they are ready to say goodbye and to transition. 

Now like spirit, animals have boundaries too.  I have had animals not want to communicate to me and I respect that. Although most animals enjoy my higher energy, some of them are more hesitant to feel it. My cat actually loves sitting on my chest while feeling the energy of my heart chakra. 

Often times when an animal is ready to transition, it is hard to let go. Always remember that their soul moves on and will always be there with you. Most animals that have been put down come through thanking their owners for putting an end to their pain and suffering. They no longer have to live a life of pain. They get to enjoy life again all while being next you you in spirit. 

Your fur (and non) babies will always be with you. 

Light & Love, 

Jacqueline Brooke

Jacqueline Harrington