Jacqueline Brooke

Jacqueline has positively impacted the lives of thousands of people worldwide


My Work

Born gifted

I have been gifted my whole life. From the time I was born, I was seeing my great Aunt Debbi who passed only a few days prior to me being born. I remembered her as the woman who stood in my moms kitchen who would tell me not to touch something, and I always listened to her. I also knew that I could speak to animals from a very young age and that animals, just like humans, had souls. Although I don’t do many animal communication readings, it is one of my many gifts. I have always been inspired by animals and nature and I even feel guilty when I cut my grass or even think about killing a spider!

When my PaPa died I could communicate to him immediately after he had passed. This was a very hard part of my journey, because I was always shut down when I would try to mention it to family and friends. My teachers and parents told me not to tell people that I could speak to my PaPa after his transition, so I unsuccessfully tried shutting out my gifts. The more I pushed, the more my gifts pulled. And it has been for the better.


Rapid growth & Expansion

It wasn’t easy coming out of the “gifted closet.” In fact I didn’t tell anyone, locally or close to me for quite some time, that I was doing readings. I had created a private group where I did readings for free & most of the people who joined were from out of state and country. The more readings I did, the harder it was to hide it. When I first told my mom I was in fact talking to the departed, she looked at me like I was crazy again. I added her to my group, and to my surprise, she was astonished. She became my biggest fan, even though she wasn’t sure how much of a demand for my work I would receive.

I got several stories published in the local paper and a story on the local news. I had to quit nursing school to pursue my dreams of healing others on a soul level. That hard decision has had a rewarding end. As my word of mouth increased, so did the demand for my work. Private Sessions have been at an all time high, as well as event dates increasing. I get to bring healing messages from heaven to the many, as I begin to have event dates lined up. In fact I hardly have room to squeeze anyone privately in since I am constantly working! When I don’t have Private Sessions or events, tons of self care is required. I have to constantly meditate, pray, clear my energy, and so much more. Behind the scenes can be a little messy, but just like art, it’s always beautiful.



On top of my demanding work schedule, I have a demanding home schedule too. I have two amazing children and some fur babies. I have to make sure all their needs are met before anyone else. When I am “off” I am still working since I get to be a stay at home mom. Meeting the needs of children and animals when it is just myself brings a beautiful chaos to my life. So many wonderful memories for growing souls. I am honored to be a mother, a leader and a friend to many.


My goal is to bring compassion and healing into this world by individually impacting others with my gifts by restoring their Faith in God and helping them reach the fullest potential of their soul. Transforming people out of their ego and into a more grounded and connected path, knowing that their actions pave the path for their soul and bringing a deeper understanding and knowing that their loved ones in spirit are still with them.


“After I lost my son to a tragic accident three months ago I felt lost and left with so many questions. I saw her business page randomly on Facebook and the more I read about her and “stalked” her page the more I wanted so go for a reading. My friend and I decided to go together as she needed some answers from her mothers sudden death. We were both hopeful yet skeptical going into our reading. She is the real deal folks. She was given the perfect validation from our loved ones and helped both of us to begin healing. She was also spot on with their personalities and even picked up on some health issues my friend has going on. I will be scheduling another reading as my daughter needs some help healing because she and her brother were close. Thank you doesn’t even seem like enough to say to Jacqueline!”

testimony of Charlene Wyatt  |  March 2018

“I had such an amazing experience. I went in with an open mind and high expectations and Jacqueline surpassed them. She relayed messages from my mother that no one else could know. I left feeling a little more whole since my mother's passing, something I could not accomplish on my own. It truly felt like I got to talk with my mother again. Now I feel comfort everyday knowing my mom is by my side while simultaneously being at peace and happy.”

testimony of lacey collins  |  october 2017


“The wonderful experience I had with my reading was life changing and I am so blessed I was able to get an appointment with her. She does an amazing job!”

testimony of Kayla Pollock  |  march 2019


 Jacqueline delivers exactly what her clients need from spirit, whether it be validation after validation or guidance from spirits, she delivers each message with a tender heart.

“For me, it isn’t just about the validations from your loved ones. It’s about restoring your Faith and letting you know that God is real & there really is life after death.”-JACQUELINE BROOKE

All appointments are done either in person or via Skype/ FaceTime. All sales are final, no refunds. No rescheduling 72 hours prior to your appointment.