I am still so overjoyed with my experience. I had a private session with Jacqueline a few weeks ago, at her home. I was so anxious for this appointment, secretly, all I wanted was one form of validation that my loved ones were still with me. I received more validation than I ever could have imagined. Jacqueline was able to see things from my loved ones that would have been impossible for her to “find out” in any other way. I am so grateful for the peace of mind Jacqueline gave me and still thrilled with my decision to meet with her. I will absolutely schedule with her again.
— Ashley, K
I had the privilege of meeting Jacqueline & having a private reading with her in her home in November. She immediately connected me with my departed love ones and knew intimate details about their lives, my life & our relationships. The amount of love and peace the reading gave me calmed my grieving heart. The messages I received were absolutely amazing. What a precious gift from a wonderful talented woman. Highly recommend her. Thank you again!
— Sky, H.
I don’t have words adequate enough to express how thankful I am to have been blessed enough to speak with Jacqueline. Nobody wants to read my life story but suffice it to say, she allowed me to have that evasive “one last minute” with my parents who have both passed. Many of my questions and much of my worry were alleviated. God blessed her with this gift. I’m thankful God blessed me by seeing that I crossed paths with Jacqueline. She is an angel.
— Lisa, D.
I can’t even begin to say what a blessing my reading meant to me and my family. Unanswered questions finally had a light shed on them. Healing words came through. Comforting messages from my passed on loved ones brought a true peace to me. I was allowed a blessing that not many people get to experience, or are not open enough to be able to experience. Thank you Brooke for sharing your gift with me & blessing me with a few more moments with my loved ones that have passed on. The experience was absolutely priceless! Thank you so much!
— Jennifer, D.
I had a beautiful reading today with Jacqueline. Although I was not prepared for any readings for myself, she connected to several of my loved ones, as well as having very personal messages for my daughters fiance, who was not present. The details she delivered were right on target. This was by far one of the most satisfying experiences I have ever witnessed. Jacqueline definitely has been blessed with a beautiful gift.
— Kelly L.
I had a session with Jaqueline and she was amazing. I love that she holds on to her catholic faith and 100% knows her gift is from God. She brought me some closure and healing that was much needed. Jaqueline is an honest and beautiful soul. She has a wonderful future ahead of her.
— Ashlie, R.
I was lucky enough to have a session with Jacqueline. She is fantastic. She was able to speak with me about very specific details about my family. Lots of validation that wasnt generic, but completely pertaining to specific family members. I highly recommend her.
— Cassandra, B.
Today I met with Jacqueline in her home for a private reading. She was comforting, sincere, and absolutely in target with everything. After losing my best friend two years ago, I can now begin healing from his passing. Thank you for everything!
— Elizbeth, F.
Had an amazing session with Jacqueline! She described specific details and events of my loved ones without previous knowledge of me or them. Grateful for the experience and information!
— Traci, D.
I went to Christmas with a Cop and she read my mother-in-law that had just passed a few months prior. I cried through the entire reading not saying a word and everything she said was spot on!
— Stephanie, Y.
I gave a reading to my sister for her birthday gift. I went with her and we were both amazed at Jacqueline’s gift at being so accurate. We can’t wait to go back!
— Cathy, O.
She changed our lives. We were able to hear from the ones we loved. In this reading we connected with multiple spirits. If you are searching I would recommend her to anyone and everyone! She was so sweet and caring. She truly is hear to help.
— Rachel, C.
Drove 4 hours with a friend and both of us got an amazing experience. Jacqueline has an amazing gift and sharing it is a blessing. Thank you!
— Aimee, M.
My husband “ skeptical “ experienced a truly beautiful session with Jacqueline and he knew she was speaking with our son. Thank you for sharing your light! We appreciate you and the wonderful time that you allowed us. With gratitude!
— Rita, J.
She connected with my son and was spot on . There were a lot of questions I had that will finally answered. She helped me deal with the loss a little easier. She helped give me peace of mind. She seemed very kind and caring which was a plus. If anyone is anticipating a reading I would highly recommend Jacqueline.
— Abby, S.
My nephew had been missing and she let me know where to find him. They searched the place she told me, and they found him. She is such a blessing. Thank you so much.
— Kathy, D.
I along with soo many others are skeptical about psychics. Well I lost my son 2007 and have struggled each day since. Brooke connected with JJ and the reading was awesome.. I got a great feeling and some closure.. I would recommend her to everyone. She is very professional and legit!! I will be seeing her again.
— Tommy, S.
Loved it!! Brought tears to my eyes, as she brought my grandmother to me, said only things my grandmother would say.
— Brandi, F
Completely in awe of her readings! She knew so much, so quick! I had SEVERAL people come through. Finally put some closure to a few things in my life! I HIGHLY recommend her!!
— Kim, B
There are no words to describe how AMAZING this young ladies gift is. I have enjoyed watching her give so many readings and bringing so much loving healing to so many grieving people.
— Sarah, H
I want to thank you for everything. It helped me so much!!! People say I have life in my eyes again!!! It was worth it! I hope to see you again.
— Robbin, O
I had never been to a medium before, therefore didn’t know what to expect. I initially was a bit skeptical-I am now embarrassed to admit, but went to the session with an open mind and hopeful for contacts. Jacqueline was so kind and professional in immediately putting me at ease. To say I was impressed and astounded would be an understatement. She was immediately able to connect with several from my family with information she would have had no way of knowing that was detailed and specific to individuals and situations. My family was privileged to get some answers from a member tragically lost to soon that gave us peace and comfort. She was genuinely concerned for a family member, even requesting I follow up with her, which I did and will use information shared by her to benefit us concerning the issue disclosed. Jacqueline is uniquely gifted in using her talents to benefit others. She has been a true blessing to our family. I am forever grateful for the work she does so generously. Thank You Jacqueline!
— Linda, S